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New Song: Star Arise!

2014-02-02 20:55:43 by MCarsten

Hey there folks! It's been two years already since my latest post. I'm back with a new song called "Star Arise". It's some sort of electronic mixed with rock. 

Hope you like it!


Arise the Bright (New Version)!

2012-12-01 16:09:47 by MCarsten

I submitted a new version of my song Arise the Bright which you can listen to here. I gave a lot of new touches like: amplify the volume, equalize the sound, tremolo, phasers, sound FX and change of speed. Hope you like it!

Also try my visualizers (which you can see in the screenshot below) here!

Arise the Bright (New Version)!

Music Visualizers

2012-05-12 21:27:28 by MCarsten

UPDATE (11/02/12): Not sure why since I was away from the flash world for a long time but my High on Vibes and Abstract visualizers are drawing a lot of black textured visualizations in Google Chrome, so I recommend you to watch them with another browser if possible. Same with my Mirrored Wave, although he is being buggy in IE.

My previous post was about some spectrum visualizers I was working on for a project, but this project never really came out, so I decided to release them to public now. They are actually three separated files, one is - in my opnion - my best visualizer, high on vibes; the another one is mirrored wave and the last one is the one containing most of my old visualizers.

=== NOTE ===
The file plays any existing music in Newgrounds, so all you have to do is type the ID number of a song in the box and hit Enter key. An example of ID is 306544, which is a masterpiece from David Orr, called -Orr- Four Brave Champions.

* High on Vibes
* Mirrored Wave
* Other ones

I'm not working with them anymore through but I think it was one of the coolest thing I ever worked on with actionscript. It was amazing to work with them, because you can create anything that comes to your mind, all you have to do is render the music according to a byte array, that's it.

I really want to special thanks both Mike and Archawn for the great hints and putting me in the correct way in some occasions. So thank you!

I hope you enjoy them!

Music Visualizers


2012-02-11 08:01:17 by MCarsten

Does some time now that I don't make any news posts here, so I would like to tell a bit of what I have been working for the last weeks.

For a secret project I have been creating music visualizers, I prefer to call them as spectrums! It is being really fun to do. I already created some, they are: Abstract, Mirrored Wave, Meteor (image below), Spinning Ring, Neon Discs, Aurora and Dark Town.

Since I'm really good, I also uploaded a sneak peak preview from Mirrored Wave! Click here!

More updates coming soon!


What gives you motivation?

2011-09-07 19:32:38 by MCarsten

There are a lot of people who always finish their projects and unfortunaly, there are a lot of people who don't finish their projects, like me. Everytime I gonna start a project, I'm looking forward but is just I stop working on him that I'll lose all my inspiration. So I would like to know what motivates you to keep working?

What gives you motivation?

The Sight of Death

2011-07-18 18:28:55 by MCarsten

Hey! I would like to say I made a new story, it is called "The Sight of Death". The genre is investigation, starring my character Max Foreman - Professional Investigator. I would like to thanks Step for proofreading, grammar fix and some improvement. You can also read it here. Well, hope you like it. :)


Max Foreman - Professional Investigator in... - The Sight of Death

The daily action of transporting the bank's money to the armoured car is a dangerous one, although there are always at least two or three guards around with automatic guns. It's better safe than sorry, even more so during such a risky task. Today, as always, the operation is going as planned but something will be different today: a crosshair is pointing at the head of the guy who is picking up the money bags. Without a second to spare, a shot in the head kills the innocent man. The guards are instantly alert. BAM! Another shot is heard, and another guard is down. The remaining one is soon killed on the spot in an identical way.

Suddenly, a speeding car shows up and stops; two gangsters emerge. "Quick Rick! Let's grab the money bags!" yells the first of the two. They quickly gather the bags and store them in the vehicle. After the job is done, they enter the car and drive away. The bank guards shoot at the escaping car, but the shots yield no result.

When the police come to investigate, they are accompanied by private investigator Max Foreman. He carefully analyses the scene and while witnesses all say there was sniper fire in the area, unfortunately nobody saw where it came from. One thing is certain, there are a lot of high buildings around, all perfect to position a sniper, and there is only one way to find out which one of these structures the killer could have been in at the time - by analysing the direction which the bullets came from.

Some time later, Max looks at the bullet hole in the top right corner of the armoured car. After determining the angle of the shot, he looks in the opposite direction and unsurprisingly finds that there is the roof of a tall building in the same counter angle. Police officers are sent to the suspected rooftop, and sure enough, they find bullet capsules on the floor, but the sniper got away.

The next day, the same risky procedure is being done in a different bank. A shot is fired and the deliveryman is dead. Two more shots and the guards are down. The same vehicle shows up, the same gangsters steal the money , and they get away.

Every newspaper has the headline 'The Sniper Fire Robberies'. In fact, one of these newspapers is what Max is reading right now... next to a bank. Something takes his attention. He sees the bank staff performing the "risky operation" and he immediately begins to search for the sniper as he is certain that he'll show up. The bad thing about the situation is that he will have to sacrifice one life to get a clear sight of the shot and see if he can catch this criminal.
A shot is fired and a member of the bank staff dies. Max notices the robber's vehicle. The job is done swiftly, and when the gangsters are done, they enter the car and the investigator jumps in the vehicle's back before they begin their getaway.

After some time, they stop at a farm. "C'mon Rick, let's show the reward to the boss" mocks one of the gangsters. Taking advantage of the chance and waiting for the gangsters to go away, Max jumps out, looks through the window and sees a sniper rifle hanging on the wall. Weird. The gangsters are inside, but they aren't saying anything. A few minutes later, a man with a sniper rifle comes in.

"Hey boss! Nice shot!" says Rick laughing. The 'boss' hangs his rifle right under the other one.

"I think we should stop for some time" says the shooter.


''Cuz we can get in trouble, all newspapers are talking about us and it's beginning to become very risky - the police will probably figure out what's happening".

"You have no idea!" thinks Max. While spying through the window, the investigator doesn't notice a gangster approaching from behind him with a crowbar. He hits the Foreman's head and he tumbles down, unconscious.

"Boss! Look at the guy I found spying over here!"

"Nice job Terry. Bring him over here."

"What we gonna do now?" asks a gangster.

"What do you think?" says the boss, blatantly showing that it was an obvious question. They take Max to a warehouse next to the farmhouse with a giant saw - a wood cutter.

Eventually, nearby farmers, see what is happening from a distance and they call the police. Meanwhile, the gangsters tie Max up to the conveyer belt and the boss starts the wood cutter. As the seconds pass, Max gets closer to a bloody death by the wood cutter. Centimetres from the imminent death, the warehouse's door creaks and police officers show up.

"FREEZE!" yells one cop.

"Get 'em" yells the boss.

The gangsters grab their guns but it is too late. The officers are faster on the trigger. The boss runs away and escapes the warehouse, while one of the officers who went after him stops and turns off the saw. The cops untie Max.

"What - What happened?"

"You have been caught by some gangsters.".

"Sniper... the sniper... I saw the rifle..."


"Yes!" yells the boss with his powerful rifle. He shoots at the officer but misses because the officer throws himself to the ground. Quickly the cop shoots which knocks the gangster boss on to the wood cutter's saw. A bloody scene ensues.


"Who was the sniper?" asks Max, the next day.

"His face is totally deformed - but documents we found indicate that he is Jonathan Kings, a former hunter." replies one of the cops.

"If it wasn't for that rat who knocked me out, then I would have stopped him... thanks again for saving my life!"

"No problem."

Crime never pays.


By the way if you are an artist--would you like to do a game? I am looking for an artist for a minigame. PM me for more information. No $$ through.